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Sex Therapy

For some individuals, seeing a sex therapist--or any therapist--perhaps for the first time, can feel like a burden has been lifted and/or may lead to feelings of anxiety.


Sex therapy, like other therapies, is talk therapy only. You will be asked about sexual concerns in your life, I may discuss and ask about broader issues as well, as they may have an effect on how you feel. I will be sensitive to areas you may not want to discuss. You have the space and ability to go at your own pace.

Sometimes women also have sexual fantasies or thoughts about experimenting in different ways than they have talked about before. For fear of not being heard. Or respected.Or are not able to discuss their partners' sexual fantasies that do not work for them.


This may relate to  sexual positions, or where and when to be intimate. It may also be about wanting to, or not wanting to, move towards a non-monogamous relationship, or polyamory, which again needs to be discussed in a safe space with support.

The following are some of the issues women may discuss or ask about:


  • Low or no sexual desire, always, more recent, partner specific

  • Desire differences

  • Inability to reach orgasm, always, only in a specific way, through self-stimulation, with a partner

  • Painful intercourse, when, situation specific

  • Inability to have intercourse or desire to have

  • Body image concerns, always, more recent      

  • Sexual orientation issues

  • Partner’s sexual issues

  • Sexual trauma/abuse    

  • Medication side effects

  • Aging concerns

  • Effects of illness

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